Disney World Hotel with Monorail Going Through It

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Disney World Hotel with Monorail Through It

Kids think that the Monorail at Disney World is a ride in itself and let’s face it, the Monorail is a pretty cool representation of the forward thinking Walt Disney envisioned with his Orlando Theme Parks. While this unique transportation system touches a few of the Disney World Resorts, there is only one Disney World Hotel with Monorail Going Through It.

Train station in a Hotel at Disney World

The Contemporary Resort, located across from the Magic Kingdom is an amazing building in itself. Walk around the inner atrium for any amount of time and you will see the Monorail stop at the station above your head, drop off and pickup guests for its continuous trip to the Magic Kingdom. This will be one of the most memorable and talked about experiences during your trip.

Other Resorts on the Monorail

While the Disney World Contemporary Resort is the only one that the Monorail enters completely, it is not the only Hotel on the Loop. The other Deluxe Resorts having a Monorail pickup location would be the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa and the Polynesian Village Resort. Take a real adventure next time you visit Disney World and stay at the only Resort with a Monorail Train Station, the Contemporary Resort.

List of Hotels in Disney World with Monorail Station inside

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