Marriott Oahu Ko Olina

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Marriott Oahu Ko Olina
Neat Stay!
Private Lagoon •  Private Beach •  Oceanfront •  Water Slide •  Kids Activities
| 4 Star Rating

Marriott's Ko'Olina Beach Club Address

 92-161 Waipahe Place,  Kapolei, Oahu,  HI  96707
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What makes Marriott's Ko'Olina Beach Club NEAT ?

With multiple Outdoor Pools and a Water Slide, the Marriott Oahu Ko Olina Resort is a great place to bring the Family on your next trip. On a Romantic adventure, the Quiet reflections pool is for adults only and has a bar with comfortable seating to relax, read a book and soak up the Hawaiian sun. The Private Lagoon is connected to the Pacific Ocean but has breakers to keep the water nice and calm. Kids will love the Activity center and it will give the parents an opportunity to break away for a little while on their own. Picture perfect views all around from this amazing Oceanfront Marriott Ko Olina Resort.

Marriott Oahu Ko Olina Features:


  • Free WiFi
  • Smoke Free Hotel
  • Concierge
  • Restaurant
  • Outdoor Dining
  • Waterfront Dining
  • Bar
  • Breakfast (Surcharge)
  • Coffee Shop
  • Elevator
  • Fitness Center
  • Self-Parking (Surcharge)
  • Valet Parking (Surcharge)
  • Service Animals
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Airport Shuttle (Surcharge)
  • Kids Activities
  • Write-in Amenity One
  • Write-in Amenity Two


  • Firepit
  • Grilling Station
  • Jogging Trail
  • Playground
  • Sandy Beach

Pool Amenities:

  • Outdoor Pool
  • Heated Pool
  • Children's Pool
  • Quiet Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Zero Entry
  • Big Pool
  • Water Slide
  • Multiple Pools
  • Sundeck
  • Towels
  • Poolside Cafe
  • Poolside Wait Staff
  • Pool Bar

More Details

Marriott's Ko'Olina Beach Club Reviews


What a great vacation, is the consensus of most guests who visit the Marriott Ko Olani Resort in Oahu. An unmatched location on the island, south of Waikiki where all of the city fun exists. Close enough to drive if you want to add that kind of excitement to your trip but far enough away to get out of the crowds. The Villas a clean, comfortable and large with a full kitchen making it a very nice place to call home for a while. The oceanfront rooms are the best and worth the extra. Relaxation is the key and the quiet, calm lagoon is just the best when you want to spend a day watching the water lap up on the shores. No big waves since the lagoon has breakers coming in to its shores.


Most of the reviews at the Marriott Ko Olina are very positive. A couple of negatives are sprinkled around, as you will see at just about any place you stay. Some of the adults visiting had issues finding loungers at the Quiet Pool if you do not get there first thing in the morning. It did seem that security came around every hour or so to check for empty chairs and get them ready for new guests. The restaurant could have been a little better but it is not bad. The most negatives wrap around the Ocean View rooms. Some of the guests complained that, though they were facing the ocean, the view is completely obstructed and they could not see anything. Be sure you get a higher floor and that you will actually be able to see the ocean.

* Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average - 89%
Average - 7%
Below Average - 4%

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Marriott's Ko'Olina Beach Club

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