Best Family Friendly Hotels in Honolulu

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Family Hotels in Honolulu Hawaii

Entertaining and Exciting is what makes an impressive Family Vacation. Just the thought of visiting the South Pacific Islands is enough to get everyone excited but bringing the whole crew to one of the Best Family Friendly Hotels in Honolulu will put the icing on the cake. What are you looking for to make this Family retreat, one to remember? There are a number of variables to play with like; How old are your children? What are there interests? What can the whole group do together to create that extra special event?

Younger Kids?

While you will find a number of options that seem like a great fit for the little ones, it almost goes without saying, the Aulani Disney Resort and Spa is always at the top of the list for many families. Can you imagine, the entire journey surrounded by Mickey, Minnie, Goofy and more. Even the older kids have plenty to do with large pools, water slides and even a lazy river. It is like having a full water park built in to the Aulani Resort and makes it fun for all.

Kids Activities

You don’t have to do Disney to have fun for your kids. Take the Marriott Ko Olina Resort for example, the 2 and 3 Bedroom Villas offer a full kitchen making your stay feel more like home. The multiple pools are perfectly designed for family enjoyment.

Family is great but what about some alone time?

Spending time with the family is a fantastic reason to visit Honolulu but you will probably want some alone time with your partner as well. No matter what Family Friendly Hotel in Honolulu you choose, there are plenty of adult options. From Adult only pools, spas for couples and evenings out dining in a special location. The kids clubs will provide the ability to break away on your own for a bit. Be sure to book a Family Resort in Honolulu offering a children’s club so you can take some romantic time away and do something for yourself.

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