Moorea 5 Star Hotels

////Moorea 5 Star Hotels

5 Star Resorts in Moorea, French Polynesia

Did you know that Moorea is the second most visited Honeymoon location in the French Polynesian islands? This is only second to the resorts in Bora Bora. After seeing the difference in price, you might start to understand why more couples choose Moorea as their preferred destination. If you are going on your special romantic destination it is probably worth the extra to stay in some of the best Moorea 5 Star Hotels.

Over the water Bungalows

All of the five star resorts on Moorea offer this, highly sought out, accommodation. It is, of course the premier way to stay at one of these Polynesian Resorts. You will feel like royalty in your very own private Overwater Bungalow. Having a glass portal in the floor to watch the sea creatures swim around below is like having a live show right before your eyes.

5 Star Amenities

Not all hotels are a like and when you look at the Five Star Hotels in Moorea, they definitely stand out with extra trained staff and fantastic things to do while you are there. Go out on a snorkeling adventure or tour the waters searching for Whales or Dolphins. Each of the 5 star properties have a full service spa to keep you feeling extra special while you are there.

Service with a Smile

Service is key when you visit any resort but the attention to detail is really important for events like your honeymoon. Be sure you stay at a Resort that will look after you for you entire visit and go with the best 5 star available to you.

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