Magnificent Resorts in Tahiti!

Best Places to Stay in Tahiti

Tahiti is just one of the many islands in the South Pacific and is part of the French Polynesia group of islands. When you want a real, authentic visit to a Polynesian location, Tahiti, with its lush jungles, large mountains and stunning, turquoise waters might be just the place to consider. Known for its resorts with Over the water bungalows, guests are able to stay over the gorgeous lagoon and take in the marine life during their full stay. If you are looking for the best way to get to take in the picturesque views of Tahiti, be sure to charter a sailboat. This is one of the preferred methods of transportation to get some of the best views.

Top Resorts in Tahiti

What you should do in Tahiti

Take in as many activities as you can find or just sit back and enjoy the peace and stillness that surround Tahiti. No matter what you are looking for, you can find it at this perfect Polynesian location. Want to try a more unique experience. Go on a Whale or Dolphin watching tour. For the most interactive adventure, sign up for a “Swim with the Dolphins” and do something you will not forget in your lifetime. Stay on land and venture off in a guided 4×4 safari tour showing you the highlights of Tahiti. Of course you will want to put on your snorkel gear and swim with the turtles, sharks and other colorful marine life.