Cortona Inn Anaheim

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Cortona Inn Anaheim
Neat Stay!
Disneyland Good Neighbor •  Family Suites •  Bunk Beds •  Free Breakfast
| 2.5 Star Rating

Cortonal Inn Anaheim Address

 2029 South Harbor Boulevard,  Anaheim,  CA  92802
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What makes Cortonal Inn Anaheim NEAT ?

Staying close to Disneyland is a bonus but what makes the Cortona Inn Anaheim special are the Family Suites with Bunk Beds for the kids. Additional reasons are the Free Continental Breakfast set up for your family each morning getting you prepared for your daily adventure. The fact that the Anaheim Cortona Inn and Suites is a Disneyland Good Neighbor Hotel allows you to purchase Park ticket directly from the Resort. It is easy to get around since you are only a 15 minute walk to Disney California Adventure.

Cortona Inn Anaheim Features:


  • ATM Machine
  • Free WiFi
  • Smoke Free Hotel
  • Free Breakfast
  • Elevator
  • Free Self-Parking
  • Laundry Facilities
  • Attraction Shuttle (Fee)
  • Meeting Rooms

Pool Amenities:

  • Outdoor Pool
  • Heated Pool
  • Towels

More Details

Cortonal Inn Anaheim Reviews


If you are looking for a more economy class stay, many guests feel that the Cortona Inn and Suites in Anaheim is clean and basic. A number of visitors felt that the price and the location, within walking distance to Disneyland makes it worth checking this one out. The staff was mentioned as being friendly and helpful. The family suites have a lot of space and the bunk beds were one feature the kids were excited about.


A below 70 percent above average makes it worth looking at those reviews below average to weigh if this is the right stay for you. The breakfast is free but fairly limited said some guests. The rooms could use some updating.

* Estimate of Rating Levels

Above Average - 67%
Average - 20%
Below Average - 13%

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Cortonal Inn Anaheim

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