Hotels with Free Shuttle to Disneyland

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Hotels near Disneyland with Free Shuttle

There is something you should consider, that you might not have thought about, when booking your trip to Disneyland. Is there a way to cut down on all of the Walking? There is no way to get rid of all walking but you could consider staying in one of the Hotels with Free Shuttle to Disneyland. Free, is the operative word when going to Disneyland in California. Mickey is not cheap but going to the Disneyland Park and Disney’s California Adventure is something you have to try, at least once in your lifetime. Trust me, you will be walking enough in the Parks so why not cut down on some of this by booking a Hotel near Disneyland with a Free Shuttle.

Walking Distance Promoted

As you start looking for your Hotel, you will notice that many of them say they are with in walking distance to Disneyland. This is true for Hotels up to 1.5 miles away. For many, adding another mile to their day is not a big deal but if you are handicapped or have small kids, this can get rather difficult. If you are staying in the Disneyland Resort area, you always have the option of hopping on the ART (Anaheim Resort Transportation) system. Just know that this is not Free and will cost you daily per person.

Other Free Transportation options

The simplest way to get around by far is to stay in one of these Hotels with Free Shuttle to Disneyland but there is another option. If you stay somewhere near the Disneyland Parking area, you can hop on the transportation and get a free ride up to the parks.

List of Hotels near Disneyland with Free Shuttle Service

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