Anaheim Hotels Near Disneyland with Free Breakfast

/////Anaheim Hotels Near Disneyland with Free Breakfast

Hotels near Disneyland with Free Breakfast

One way to cut down on some of the expense on your trip to Disneyland in California is to seek out Anaheim Hotels Near Disneyland with Free Breakfast. Some of us are fine starting the day with a simple cup of coffee but others need something more hearty to start their day off right. If you have kids with you, it is really nice to start them off with something before they head out the door (this can also cut down on an early morning, expensive Disney style treat).

Hot and Cold Menus

Be aware that all breakfast options are not the same. Some of the Hotels with Free Breakfast near Disneyland are just your typical Bagels with Cream Cheese, an assortment of Breads, Cereal and maybe some muffins along with the go-to Coffee and Juice options. On the other hand, there are also Hotels with many other options adding in a Hot side to their breakfast offerings.

Other Breakfast Options

If the Free Breakfast at the Hotel near Disneyland is not enough every morning, check out the Restaurants nearby that offer a full breakfast. Establishments like IHOP and Denny’s might cost you in the morning but having a large selection during some days of your stay might be nice as well.

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