Anaheim Hotels with Water Slides

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Hotels in Anaheim CA with Water Slide

You may be surprised to learn that there are not as many Anaheim Hotels with Water Slides as you might think. Considering the area is home to the Disneyland Theme Parks and the Anaheim Stadium some might think that most of the Hotels around Anaheim would have Waterslides. This might not be something you are looking for if you are visiting on a business trip but if you are bringing your kids along, having a Water Slide at your Anaheim Hotel can easily turn your visit in to a NEAT Stay!

How much fun is a Waterslide – just ask your kids?

Do you want to see the face of pure excitement? Just tell your kids, not only are we going to visit Disneyland but the Hotel we are staying at has a Water Slide. I would be willing to bet, they will start marking the days off on the calendar until you leave. There might be some additional perks along the way when you stay at one of these locations, like a kids splash park or at least some fountains or sprinklers, so go have some fun.

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