Hotels with Bunk Beds near Disneyland

/////Hotels with Bunk Beds near Disneyland

Hotels near Disneyland with Bunk Beds

The decision has been made and you are heading off to Disneyland for your next Family Vacation. The tickets have been taken care of and now it is down to the place to stay. A regular hotel room is not what you are looking for so you determine it would be awesome if you could find a Hotel with Bunk Beds near Disneyland. Incredibly enough, there are a number of Hotels around Disneyland that offer Family Suites and Kids Suites, many of which have the Bunk Beds you are looking for.

Privacy for you – Fun for them

Everyone is looking forward to the trip to Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure. I mean, if we are honest, it does bring out the kid in all of us, right? That might be true while we are in the parks, riding the rides and watching the shows but when it is time to retire to the room, it sure would be nice to have your own space. Some of the Hotels with Bunk Beds near Disneyland have the Privacy you are looking for by having a separate Bedroom for the Adults and the Kids room is behind closed doors with the Bunk Beds.

Bunk Beds – Something to think about

You are excited for your kids to see the room with Bunk Beds near Disneyland but did not tell them before entering. Just be ready to help with the decision on who takes the top bunk.

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